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The story of the massacre of an Indian village, and the ensuing retaliation.
As the woman he loved lay dying, the former suitor swore to protect the child of the other man, just killed in battle. The baby grown to womanhood, the man's love for the mother was felt again, but a stranger claimed the girl's love. So the man with his trust left for the far Northwestern country and joined in the government wars against the Indians. There again he met the life which he had sworn to protect. How well he succeeded, the returning young husband could most appreciate, after one of the most deadly massacres and Indian battles of the period.
One of D.W. Griffith&#39;s earlier attempts at making a feature longer than on or two reels, this has well-crafted action scenes, and while some of it is surprisingly morally ambiguous, it also effectively communicates an anti-violence message. It&#39;s similar to the better-known &quot;Battle at Elderbush Gulch&quot; in following the build-up to a battle between Indians and settlers, and in focusing on the individuals caught up in the ensuing violence. Although the action and human drama are probably not quite as good in this one, of the two features this one takes an especially even-handed approach to the conflict.<br/><br/>The story starts with a Griffith standby, a woman choosing between two suitors, who are then both part of a wagon train heading west, with the rejected suitor now a scout with the wagon train&#39;s military escort. The main story shows a brutal cavalry raid on a nearly defenseless Indian village, followed by the revenge attack on the wagon train. The latter attack is an extended sequence that fills up an entire reel or so of film. The scenario is supposed to have been based on events connected with General Custer&#39;s final defeat, but as it stands, there are no direct references to the specific historical events, so that is either a misconception or else an advertising technique.<br/><br/>Whatever other views Griffith had (and is often deservedly criticized for), he was always effective in communicating the horrifying effects of war and armed conflicts, especially on families. In both attack sequences, he takes pains to depict the ways that the unarmed, especially women and children, are senselessly killed and maimed. He also has some memorable shots of individuals and their actions when they are under attack.<br/><br/>In this particular feature, although more screen time is devoted to the attack on the wagon train, both attacks are treated in the same manner. In each case, he does not lay blame on the individuals involved in the attack, instead concentrating on the sufferings that they inflict, suggesting perhaps that if they stopped to realize what they were doing, things might be a lot different.<br/><br/>The clear-cut message overshadows somewhat the technical accomplishments of the movie. Griffith would soon do even better from the technical viewpoint, but even this feature already succeeds well in depicting a chaotic battle for an extended period.
The plot is pretty simple. Westward expansion involves clearing a path. It didn&#39;t matter that the Indians were just minding their own business. If the soldiers thought they posed a threat, it was too bad for them. The Chief&#39;s wife and child die in the massacre and the Chief swears revenge. It eventually comes to pass that the forces will meet again. The action scenes are pretty good, although the little circle of armed people wouldn&#39;t have lasted nearly as along as they did. Also, the ending is utterly stupid and contrived.

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