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A detective hunts for the marksman who foiled the plan to catch a notorious team of bank robbers.
Chief Inspector Mattei and his team identifies bank robbers In Paris. They keep the group under surveillance and when they heist a bank, they are ready to arrest the criminals. However, the sniper Vincent Kaminski surprises the detectives and the gang escapes. Soon Mattei and his team arrest Vincent that does not accept to snitch his friends. When Vincent flees from the prison, Mattei hunts him down in a cat and mouse game and learns what happened to his son that died in Afghanistan.
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning<br/><br/>Detective Mattei (Daniel Auteuil) is on the trail of Vincent Kaminski (Mathieu Kassovitz) a rooftop sniper who took out a bunch of police officers while a daring bank robbery was in progress. But as he digs deeper in to the case, he uncovers even more dark, disturbing secrets.<br/><br/>It always seems to be the case that the continentals seem to make the better quality films, in terms of writing and general production values, and if their market doesn&#39;t get the best exposure, it certainly receives the greatest critical acclaim and there are quite a few who want to imitate it. They seem to come up with all the original ideas, that&#39;s for sure, and that&#39;s something Hollywood certainly can&#39;t claim. This familiar truth may be the case with The Lookout, even if it&#39;s not maybe the best example, perhaps.<br/><br/>It&#39;s an intricate, absorbing thriller, quite faultless but still unremarkable, but you can&#39;t help but get the feeling that someone, sometime will try and do it again. ***
It had to happen: After watching many good french crime films, I found the first stinker. It&#39;s the worst kind of film, thinking it&#39;s smart when it&#39;s not. The lookout is just plain stupid. The plot has so many holes that it looks like swiss cheese. The film is totally unbalanced, trying to be many things at once: a cop film, a crime film about bank robbers, a serial killer film, a jail film and even a whodunit. The characters are weak and cliché. It sucks because the cast was good. I wonder why Daniel Auteuil made this awful film. He deserves better. I was misled by Auteuil and Placido (Romanzo Criminale is highly recommended). But why they turned this mockery of a script into a film is just beyond me. I hope the screenwriters didn&#39;t give up their day jobs.

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