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Brought up by a gangster named Bharat Malik, Shivam Pandit lives a faithless and reckless lifestyle, doing the bidding of his mentor - which also includes being a hit-man. Bharat does not get along with his brother, Raj, and nephew, Munna, who also resent the fact that Bharat trusts Shivam more than he even trusts his son, Ronnie. Shivam's life does change when he meets and falls in love with a devout Muslim woman, Aaliyah. Shivam wants to wed Aaliyah, but her father opposes this due to Shivam's criminal background, and the fact that he has been in prison twice. When Shivam insists on getting married regardless of the consequences, Aaliyah's dad aims a gun at him, but Shivam ducks and the bullet hits Aaliyah, killing her instantly. Shivam returns to his aimless lifestyle, this time in Hong Kong, still continuing to work for Bharat. When Bharat asks him to spy on his Pakistani mistress, Reema, Shivam does so, and finds out that she has a lover named Bilal. Shivam agrees to it but finally has a change of heart when he sees parallel between Reema and the caged birds Aaliyah used to sell to people for the purpose for freeing them from the cage. This leads to a face off between Shivam and Bharat leading to the movie's climax.
A gangster is torn between love and loyalty and he must review his choice to whom he has to choose.
I have watched the Film.According to me this one of Emraan's best.The Bhatts never run out of stories.To me Murder was disappointing ,Zeher,Kalyug and Gangster were nice and but this is awesome.Frankly speaking I would say this is Emraan's best acting till date as Shivam.Shriya Saran does not have a big role but gives us a delightful performance as Aaliya. Hong Kong seemed to be the right spot for shooting.Ashutosh Rana(Malik) executes himself brilliantly. Both Mohit(director) and Emraan have kept on improving since their debut.The action,thrill,Shivam's agony, regret and revenge is the USP of the film. The music has been extraordinary with songs like Toh Phir Aao and Tera Mera Rishta which add sparks to the film.But at the end of the day the film belongs to none other than Emraan Hashmi.He shows all the signs of a proficient actor.The film never dips and their a great enthusiasm throughout.Undoubtedly it is one of the biggest hits of the year.Hats off to the whole team of Awarapan.
Guys and girls.. One of the best movie i've seen… First of all the story had a nice spiritual message ( not much seen in Indian cinema)… Second the the role played and acted by all the stars.. only one word AWESOME…. especially Emraan… he acted very well.. and shriya looked cute too.. Third.. This movie also has a nice emotional quotient.. and i kinda like these type sometimes… The songs i don't need to say anything here.. it was awesome too… and i also liked the last seen where "Shivam" laughs when he gets shot…. don't ask me why.. but i liked it…. Over all PAISA WASOOL MOVIE… DO WATCH IT…… Overall i give an 8 for the movie…. LIVE SAFE…PEACE…V

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